4th January 2022 to 3th February 2022.

York College Gallery, York College, Sim Balk Ln, Bishopthorpe, York, YO23 2BB

I see this show as a presentation of a clarification of a cluttered mind and a tangled practice, one which plays on your senses too, using scented and flavoured materials to enhance and distort your experience. Smells and tastes have formed part of my more recent practice, which acknowledges Marcel Proust and Louise Bourgeois.

The work is mischievous, often ludicrous and brash, with lashings of sentimentality and sincerity.

Not everything is immediately apparent, objects with slight deviations need a second glance or a second sniff….

My parents collected plates and cruet sets; they were arranged and displayed all over the house like an inside-out ceramic exoskeleton. After they both died, I decided not to simply dispose of these items, very few had monetary value but there was a sort of connection and this needed further exploration....

Photography & photo retouching by Stuart Shackleton.

Copyright Darren Neave 2022
Design & technology by Stuart Shackleton