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Surprize 3, Pesaro, Italy

The title plays on the meaning of the English term that evokes the theme of surprise. Students have been selected from RCA Schools and the shortlisted artists will take part in a show at the Centro Arti Visive Pescheria, Pesaro in Italy from October 2021. 


Ferens Gallery, Hull, UK

I had all three of my submissions selected from work I made last year. This is an annual open show with different selectors. This years selectors were
Artist/Photographer and Filmmaker, Colin Gray, Natalie Rudd, Senior Curator of the Arts Council Collection, and Kofi Smiles, Breakfast Presenter from BBC Radio Humberside.


Wedgwoodderrière (WARNING: Adult Content)

Work in progress, a video/photographic process of sublimation and the object.

My obsession with Wedgwood continues with bricolage and absurd appropriation.



A video piece made whilst in 'Lockdown' assessing my belongings all over the home.
Underwear, pants, tighty-whities, briefs and y-fronts are in excess in my wardrobe. Why do we obsess over these garments?

This piece only showcases a small amount, I liked the idea of wearing so many that I didn't feel 'raunchy' - just 'ridiculous' - to the point I could hardly walk let alone dance!


Axisweb - Artist of the Month

In November 2020 I was interviewed by Harlan Whittingham from Axisweb as part of their 'Artist of the Month'. Questions surrrounding my practice and ways of making were asked.
Read article: www.axisweb.org/artist-of-the-month/2020/darren-neave

Axisweb - Five2Watch: Reflections
Selected as one of five artists who have experimented with light and reflection within their work.
Read article: www.axisweb.org/five2watch/2021/five2watch-reflections

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