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Darren Neave


My work acknowledges elements of ‘Peacocking’ and Display or more accurately - Visual Merchandising (VM)
- the notion of ‘enhancement’, ‘animating’ and ‘transforming’ objects or (branded) products including the discarded and the unloved.


Turntable Gallery

The gallery was part of a research project looking into online representations of artworks, design objects and small collections. Whilst many museums have been closed to public interaction, art never sleeps. The lights do not have to be switched off here. The gallery aimed to provide a slightly different ‘viewing’ experience, this also may be enabled with the choice of artworks, how they are positioned and curated, what other ‘interactive’ elements can be brought into play as well...



Ongoing practice led research based work using everyday objects as starting points.
Investigating the use of display, embellishment and adjacencies to create meaning, absurdity and intrigue.
Discarded Wedgwood vases become a focus, looking at ways to animate these ‘forgotten’ ‘heirlooms’.
These are often transformed and co-joined or simply mended with elaborate dressings.Learn more...



A video piece made whilst in 'Lockdown' assessing my belongings all over the home.
Underwear, pants, tighty-whities, briefs and y-fronts are in excess in my wardrobe. Why do we obsess over these garments?

This piece only showcases a small amount, I liked the idea of wearing so many that I didn't feel 'raunchy' - just 'ridiculous' - to the point I could hardly walk let alone dance!

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